Clark Masts is a pioneer of the air operated telescopic mast. For many applications the pneumatic system of extension has useful advantages. Unlike hydraulic masts, Clark masts are light, they use a working fluid which is also light, does not have to be carried as part of the mast, and if leakage occurs, the mast remains clean.

Clark Masts' 40 years experience in manufacturing air operated masts allows them to offer the widest choice of models and the best engineered detail, as a glance through this online catalogue will show.

Introduction General information and introduction to
Clark air-operated masts.
QTM Series Low cost masts with 101 different uses,
Headloads up to 20 Kg (44 pounds) and extended
Heights to 15 Meters (49 feetz0, 2 to 3 week deliveries.
LW40 MAST USA Made. High Strength Fiberglass Push Up Mast. Great for Site Survey's
ST Series Small mast series ruggedly constructed,
Headloads up to 10 Kg (22 pounds) and extended
Keyed mast sections. Heights to 12 Meters (39 feet).
DAF Series Self-contained easily handled lightweight
field mountable mast kits based on the ST
Phase 2 Series General information on Phase 2 Series
masts, which includes the PT, YT, WT
and XT masts.
PT Series The Original Clark Telescopic Masts,
Headloads up to 36 Kg (79 pounds) and extended
Keyed mast sections. Heights to 21 Meters (69 feet).
YT Series General PurposeTelescopic Masts,
Headloads up to 30 Kg (66 pounds) and extended
Keyed mast sections. Heights to 15 Meters (49 feet).
WT Series Middleweight Masts up to 30 Meters (98 feet),
Headloads up to 130 Kg (286 pounds) and extended
Keyed mast sections. Heights to 30 Meters (98 feet).
XT Series Most Powerful Clark Masts in the range,
Headloads up to 150 Kg (330 pounds) (specials to 300
Kg (661 pounds) ). Keyed mast sections. Heights to
18 Meters (59 feet).
Various Mast Accessories including Air
Equipment, Vehicle, Shelter and Field
Mounting Assemblies, Roof Trolleys,
Guying components etc.
802 Trailer
Mounted Series
An alternative to vehicle mounting,
Headloads up to 55 Kg (121 pounds)and extended
Heights to 30 Meters (98 feet). Based on the WT
804 Heavy Duty
Trailer Mounted
Based on the XT Heavy Duty Series.
Extended Heights to 30 Meters (98 feet)
- Maximum Headloads to 80 Kg (176 pounds)
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Rugged air-operated or manually extended
masts always ready to use, including the

Surveyor Field Mounting Mast Kits, Type PU
Manually Erected Mast Kit, as well as SCAM,
Series 90, Type 73 mast kits.
Very Long Range Lighting Night Hunter NightVision Lighting on 50 Foot Telescoping Mast. Over ONE Mile Range!

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